Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV)


Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV) was established as an electoral coalition in 1995, bringing Els Verds together with Iniciativa per Catalunya, a Catalan political party founded in 1987 as a successor to the Partido Socialista Unificado de Cataluña (PSUC). In 2013, led by its coordinator, Joan Herrera, ICV attended the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona to contribute to the case against the crimes of the Franco Regime. This case, which was being investigated by the magistrate María Servini, became known as the querella argentina (more information here). In its statement to the magistrate ICV denounced the repression experienced by the PSUC and its youth wing during the Spanish Civil War and in the ensuing Franco dictatorship. It also presented a list which included the details of 148 of its members who had been executed. This list was cited from the book by Josep M. Solé Sabaté, La repressió franquista a Catalunya 1938-1953 (1970).