Expedientes personales. Extranjeros BDST (


The dataset Expedientes personales. Extranjeros BDST (, with 58 records is taken from the publication Los Expedientes personales de los batallones disciplinarios de soldados trabajadores (BDST). Índices 2 a 12. The last of these, Index No. 12, includes, along with the records for names beginning U – V – W – X – Y – Z, includes the records of foreign prisoners held at Disciplinary Labour Battalions between 1937 and 1956. The original documents have been preserved and may be consulted by visiting Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG) , which will also provide copies of specified files in response to requests made by email to agm_guadalajara@et.mde.es or by post to Avenida del Ejército, nº 2 -19004, Guadalajara. The references in the database indicate the location of each file. This information is available to the public via the website of the Ministry of Defence as a result of the work of the Dirección Técnica del AGMG under the authorship of F. Javier López Jiménez, who was Director del Archivo, in providing a description of the documents transferred from the Archivo General del Cuartel General de Defensa de Segovia. For further information download the folder of files available here or consult the description here . The version consulted is from 2003, revised in 2010.

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Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG)

    Expedientes personales. Soldados trabajadores y soldados escolta BDST (