Relaciones de prisioneros y desafectos BDST (


The dataset Relaciones de prisioneros y desafectos BDST (, with more than 3,000 files is taken from the publication Relaciones de prisioneros y desafectos en el grupo de fondos Batallones Disciplinarios de Soldados Trabajadores: (1937-1940). Índice 31 . When the 150,000 records of the Disciplinary Labour Battalions in the Archive were catalogued, it was possible to construct lists of prisoners and so-called ‘desafectos’ (that is to say, people whom the regime considered to have identified with the Republic). The lists included people from a variety of backgrounds: former prisoners of war, people who had returned to Spain after fleeing to France, those detained at the frontier, people transferred from prisons, concentration camps or hospitals or even those who had been given provisional liberty while waiting to be sent to a disciplinary unit. The available surviving records are based on lists which were drawn up for the transfer of prisoners to different concentration camps, prisons and disciplinary units. The process of cataloguing these led to the identification of personal record cards for 3,164 separate prisoners. In the cases of 419 of these the personal case file has been conserved. The original documents have been preserved and may be consulted at Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG) , which will also provide copies of individual files in response to requests made by email to or by post to Avenida del Ejército, nº 2 -19004, Guadalajara. The location of each file is indicated in the database. This information has been made available as a result of the efforts of the Dirección Técnica of the Archivo General del Cuartel General de Defensa de Guadalajara in transcribing the original documents which have been transferred from the Archivo General del Cuartel General de Defensa de Segovia. The author is F. Javier López Jiménez, at the time Director del Archivo. For further information download the folder of files available here . To consult only the description click here . The version consulted is from 2003, revised in 2010.

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