Mujeres asesinadas en Aragón: Eva en los infiernos


The dataset Mujeres asesinadas en Aragón: Eva en los infiernos, with over 700 files, is taken from the appendices of the book Eva en los infiernos. Mujeres asesinadas en Aragón durante la Guerra Civil y la posguerra , by Antonio Peiró Arroyo (Ed. Comuniter, 2017. ISBN: 978-84-16565-31-3). His historical research reconstructs the biographies of 593 women who were killed by the insurgent forces and another 187 who were killed by the republicans. He analyses them in terms of professions, political affiliation, educational level, family backgrounds and the timing of their murders. In addition to the archives cited, the bibliography includes a wide range of works used (pp 327-336).

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Archivo Histórico Provincial de Teruel (AHPT)

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Archivo Histórico Provincial de Zaragoza (AHPZ)

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Archivo de la Diputación Provincial de Huesca (ADPH)

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Archivo de la Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza (ADPZ)

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Archivo Histórico Provincial de Huesca

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Archivo Municipal de Zaragoza (AMZ)

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Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica (CDMH)

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