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The dataset Ministry of Education records, with 513,253 files, has hitherto not been available online. The files refer to Qualified schoolteachers and Technical College qualifications. They are held in the Archivo General de la Administración (AGA) at Paseo de Aguadores, 2. Alcalá de Henares 28871. Before their transfer to the AGA, these files were held in the Archivo Central de Educación (ACME), which spent several years extracting the information from them to assemble the database in an accessible format. The file numbering system used are those employed by the ACME, which no longer holds the original files . The AGA has its own system of catalogue numbers; at the moment we do not have access to this. To consult and to obtain a copy of personal files contact the AGA via email or by phone (+34 918 89 29 50). The procedure to obtain copies of documents is as follows: first you need to send a request; in reply you will receive a statement detailing the fee, you pay the fee and then you send a second email, after which, finally, you will receive a copy of the document(s). At the moment this process may take a period of months.

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Archivo General de la Administración (AGA), Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

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