Cambrils. Muertos del Hospital de Sangre enterrados en Cambrils


This dataset, which includes 315 names, is taken from the Register of Burials in the Cemetery of Cambrils and relates to people who died in the field hospital of Cambrils. ( Llistat de les persones que van morir a l'Hospital de Sang de Cambrils i van ser enterrades a Cambrils ). The Register, which is kept in the archive of the parish church of Santa Maria de Cambrils, It came to light as a result of interviews carried out and documents consulted in the course of research on the field hospital conducted in 2006 by the Arxiu Municipal de Cambrils and the Museu d'Història de Cambrils

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Arxiu de la parròquia de Santa Maria de Cambrils

    Registre d’Enterraments