Data origin

Surnames, Name: REVENGA JUÁREZ, Celestino

Age: 20

Town of birth: Ripoll

Comarca of birth: Ripollès

Province of birth: Girona

Autonomous Community of birth: Catalunya

Country of residence: Espanya

Town of residence: Terrassa

Comarca of residence: Vallès Occidental

Province of residence: Barcelona

Type of Proceeding 1: Consells de guerra

Type of Proceeding 2: Sumaríssim

Military Court TMT3 case number: 019582

Start Year: 1940

Year of final ruling : 1940

Sentence: Mort

Executed by firearm: executat/da

ANC reference number: 47977

Author and date of description: ANC 2017 07 12


Dataset Catalunya. Procedimientos judiciales militares TMT3



Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (ANC)

    Guia de la sèrie documental Procediments Judicials Militars (Sumaríssims) 1939-1981

Archivo del Tribunal Militar Territorial Tercero

    Serie documental Procedimientos Judiciales Militares (Sumarísimos) 1939-1980

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