Datalab de BTV


The Datalab de Betevé (Barcelona Television), coordinated by Concha Catalan, with Francesc Terrades, Nico Forteza y Aina Piera, converted the appendix of Joan Villarroya i Font’s book Els bombardeigs de Barcelona durant la Guerra Civil 1936-1939 (Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, 1999, ISBN-978-84-8415-097-8) into a database so that it could be included in the multimedia project 800 dies sota les bombes: La Guerra Civil a Barcelona (2016). This is now available only in Italian as part of the exhibition Catalogna bombardata , which has been touring Italy since 2016. The original Catalan edition included the database of people killed in the bombing of Barcelona, and formed the origin of this project by Innovation and Human Rights.