Expedientes personales. Soldados trabajadores y soldados escolta BDST (


This dataset contains the personal records of soldiers in Disciplinary Labour Battalions (Batallones Disciplinarios de Soldados Trabajadores – BDST) and their guards, and includes 137.898 names. It is taken from Los expedientes personales de los Batallones Disciplinarios de Soldados Trabajadores (BDST) Índices 2 a 12 . It consists of text and a total of 27 alphabetical lists in PDF format which include the names of people who were members of Disciplinary Labour Battalions, mainly between 1937 and 1942. This documentation is preserved in the Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG) where it may be consulted. The Archivo will also supply copies of the individual personal records in response to requests made by email agm_guadalajara@et.mde.es or by post (Avenida del Ejército, nº 2 -19004, Guadalajara.). ATTENTION - The AGMG has changed its recording system recently. The new record numbers are under Sección 3 - Unidades disciplinarias 1920-2008 . To obtain copies, you need to send a request; the reply will indicate the charge payable which you pay by bank transfer before emailing them again. After this you will receive photocopies of the documents. The entries in the database identify the location of each personal record. This information has been made available to the public via the website of the Ministerio de Defensa as a result of the work of the Dirección Técnica of the AGMG in transcribing documents transferred from the Archivo General of the Cuartel General de Defensa de Segovia. More information can be obtained by downloading a package of files here or by reading a description of here . The version consulted is from 2003, revised in 2010. An updated version was revised in 2017 and it is described here

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Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG)

    Expedientes personales. Soldados trabajadores y soldados escolta BDST (