Penas de muerte conmutadas


The dataset Penas de muerte conmutadas, containing over 16,000 personal files, is taken from the publication Los expedientes personales de penas de muerte conmutadas. Índice 18 It consists of material introducing the document source and an alphabetical list in a PDF format of the names of people sentenced to death whose sentences were revised by the Comisión Provincial de Examen de Penas (CPEP) and, as a result, were commuted to terms of imprisonment. The review of these death sentences was initiated in September 1942, following an earlier review of custodial and other non-capital sentences which had been introduced in February 1940 by the establishment of Provincial Commissions for the Review of Sentences (Comisiones Provinciales de Examen de Penas) ( Orden de 25 de enero para constituir comisiones provinciales ) . This documentation was sent to the general military archives in Guadalajara en 1988 from the Asesoría Jurídica del Ejèrcito. These personal files have been retained and may be consulted by contacting the Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG), which can also supply copies of specified files in response to requests made by sending an email to or by post to this address: Avenida del Ejército, nº 2 -19004, Guadalajara. ATTENTION - The AGMG has changed its recording system recently. The new record numbers are HERE . To obtain copies, you need to send a request; the reply will indicate the charge payable which you pay by bank transfer before emailing them again. After this you will receive photocopies of the documents. The entries in the database identify the location of each personal record. This information has been made available to the public via the website of the Ministerio de Defensa as a result of the work of the Dirección Técnica of the AGMG in transcribing documents transferred from the Asesoría Jurídica del Ejèrcito, under the direction of its author, F. Javier López Jiménez, at the time Director of the Archive. Further information may be obtained by downloading a package of files from here or you may consult the description only from here . The version consulted is from 2004, revised in 2010.

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Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG)

    Serie Los expedientes personales. Penas de muerte conmutadas. Fondo de la Comisión Central de Examen de Penas