Condenadas a muerte con pena conmutada


The dataset Condenadas a muerte con pena conmutada, containing over 800 personal files, is taken from the appendix of the book El perdón de Franco. La represión de las mujeres en el Madrid de la posguerra, by Ángeles Egido León (ISBN 978-84-8319-462-1). Her research discusses the repression of women who were seen as supporters of the Republic and is based on the documentation of the personal files of the people whose death sentences were commuted by the Provincial Commissions for the Revision of Sentences (Los expedientes personales de penas de muerte conmutadas de las Comisiones Provinciales de Examen de Penas (CCEP).) According to Egido León “After September 1942, following the review of death sentences, the Commissions began to review the sentences of those people whose death sentences had been commuted to the lesser sentence of thirty years imprisonment under maximum security. These sentences had been commuted by the Head of State by means of a personal decision or pardon. Sometimes these pardons were made in the days following the original sentences, in other cases they occurred years later.” As well as the archives mentioned below, the author has used a broad range of other sources which are listed in the bibliography on pages 215-221 of the book.

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Archivo General Militar de Guadalajara (AGMG)

    Serie Los expedientes personales. Penas de muerte conmutadas. Fondo de la Comisión Central de Examen de Penas

Archivo Penal Central de Mujeres de Segovia

Archivo del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores (Madrid)

Centro de Investigación y Estudios Republicanos (CIERE)

Archivo General Militar de Segovia