Expedients de depuració Ajuntament de Girona


The dataset Expedientes de depuración Ayuntamiento de Girona, containing 270 personal files, comes from a source entitled: Girona. La repressió del primer franquisme (Girona: The Repression of Early Francoism) which was produced by the Arxiu Municipal de Girona (AMGi) or Municipal Archives of Girona by describing and digitalising the judicial files which penalised municipal officials under the Law Establishing the Norms of the Purging of Public Officials, of 10 February 1939. The Juzgado de Instrucción Especial de Depuración de Funcionarios (a special court established to investigate the activities of public officials during the Republican period) opened investigations on 270 employees of the Municipality of Girona, as a result of which one out of four were penalised. A total of 33 were dismissed or not re-employed and 42 more were suspended without salary for periods of between three months and two years. The case files of those thus penalised have been fully digitised and published online and may be consulted at catálogo en línea del AMGi. Some of the identity cards of those employees purged have been preserved and may be consulted online.

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Arxiu Municipal de Girona (AMGi)

    Expedients de depuració Ajuntament de Girona