Fusilados en la Prisión Provincial de Gerona (1939-1942)


The dataset Fusilados en la Prisión Provincial de Gerona (1939-1942) [Victims of Firing Squads in the provincial prison of Girona], has almost 500 records. which have been transcribed by Mercedes Fernández from the book Óbitos. Prisión Provincial 1939-1942 , which is in the Arxiu Diocesà de Girona. A digitised copy was obtained from the website of familysearch.org. It comes from the website with documents of the Spanish Civil War maintained by Jaime Cinca Yago. Other website documents are from the indexes of the Político-Social section of the Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica.

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Arxiu Diocesà de Girona

    Óbitos Prisión Provincial 1939 – 1942