Ramon Fons i Vilardell


Ramon Fons i Vilardell (El Palà de Torroella, Barcelona, 1957) is the joint-author of La Guerra Civil 1936-1939, volume II (Col·lecció Història gràfica de Manresa, Parcir Edicions Selectes, Manresa, 1993) together with Joaquim Aloy i Bosch and Pere Gasol i Pujol. The information about the people listed in this volume has been further enriched by a number of other contributors in Els morts de la Guerra Civil a Manresa in memoria.cat. Ramon Fons i Vilardell is also the author of volumes on the history of the model industrial communities (colonias industriales) in Catalonia. He was also mayor of Callús (1995-2003), during which time the town was awarded the title of “first digital town in Catalonia.”