Manresa. Víctimas de la Guerra Civil


The dataset of victims of the Civil War from Manresa contains 758 records which are taken from the website Els morts de la Guerra Civil a Manresa , by the Associació Memòria i Història de Manresa. It includes casualties carried out both under Republican rule after July 1936 and after Franco's army entered the city. Compiled by Joaquim Aloy i Bosch, Ramon Forns i Vilardell and Pere Gasol i Pujol, it is the result of extensive research updating what had been published in the second volume on the Civil War in the series Història Gràfica de Manresa (1993) . This compiled lists of victims by putting together a number of earlier lists, including those for people who died in the Nazi camps (produced by Montserrat Roig), people killed in bombardments (by Joan Villarroya), people executed in the Campo de la Bota in Barcelona and victims of the repression (by Josep M. Solé i Sabaté, Joan Villarroya).

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