Barcelona. Funcionariado depurado en el Ajuntament de Barcelona


The dataset Barcelona. Funcionariado depurado en el Ajuntament de Barcelona, containing 1,618 personal files, lists those officials of the municipal government of Barcelona who were dismissed In 1939-1940. This list was compiled by the Barcelona Contemporary Archives (Arxiu Contemporani de Barcelona) and is part of a larger database which may be found at La depuración franquista de funcionarios municipales en Barcelona . Between March 1939 and December 1940 the Francoist Juzgado de Instrucción Especial de Depuración de Funcionarios (a special court established to investigate the activities of public officials during the Republican period) opened 7,100 investigations and brought charges against one third of all the municipal officials under the Law Establishing the Norms of the Purging of Public Officials ( Ley fijando normas para la depuración de los funcionarios públicos, ) of 10 February 1939. Of the 1,618 officials who were purged, a total of 922 were dismissed, 94 were disqualified from holding office and 602 were suspended from employment and payment for terms of between one month and two years: of these, one in every three were also disqualified from holding posts of responsibility. On 27 April 2018, almost 80 years later, Barcelona Municipal Council (el Consell Municipal del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona) approved a measure which annulled the cases which led to the purging of officials (la anulación de los expedientes de depuración.) Following this decision Barcelona Contemporary Municipal Archives (Arxiu Municipal Contemporani) published a list on its website of the officials whose cases had been annulled and their restitution was published in the Gaseta Municipal (the Council’s official journal) on 17 May 2018. The publication of this list was also a result of a doctoral thesis by Marc Gil Garrusta La instauració del régim franquista a l’Ajuntament de Barcelona: Depuració i reconfiguració de l’Administració municipal and his subsequent book on the subject Barcelona al servei del 'Nuevo Estado' (2017)

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Arxiu Municipal Contemporani de Barcelona

    Sèrie Represàlia Política (F193) Fons de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona