Catalunya. Procedimientos judiciales militares TMT3


The dataset Catalunya. Procedimientos judiciales militares TMT3, with 69.750 records, contains the cases archived by the Military Court of the Tribunal Militar Territorial Tercero (TMT3) between 1937 and 1975. It is the result of ten years work carried out by the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (ANC), following an agreement with the Archive of the TMT3 which allowed the ANC full access to its archive. The TMT3 Archive continues to hold all of the original documents. Individual files may be accessed by contacting the TMT3 Archive by email at or by post at Portal de la Pau, s/n – 08002 Barcelona. This service is only available in person; copies of personal files are not available by email. This database was made public in accordance with the Law 11/2017 (of 4 July 2017) for legal redress for victims of Franco. It was initially published as a PDF file and days later as open data (reusable format), which made data processing possible . The file we have used as a dataset was originally published by the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya on 12 July 2017 although it also publishes a monthly update with amendments added by the families of victims of reprisals. For more information, read the Guia de la sèrie documental Procediments Judicials Militars (Sumaríssims) 1939-1981 ; edited by Enric Terradellas, directed by Àngels Bernal (Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya).

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Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (ANC)

    Guia de la sèrie documental Procediments Judicials Militars (Sumaríssims) 1939-1981

Archivo del Tribunal Militar Territorial Tercero

    Serie documental Procedimientos Judiciales Militares (Sumarísimos) 1939-1980